Course Details!


The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is the starting point for non-technical people looking to understand Cloud Computing and contribute to their organization’s cloud initiatives.
This credential helps organizations identify and develop talent with critical knowledge related to implementing cloud initiatives. Earning AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner validates cloud fluency and foundational AWS knowledge.
Who should take this course?
If you have little to no experience with AWS, this course is designed to help you obtain the knowledge and skills required to become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. By taking this course, you will gain an understanding of key AWS technologies, their use cases, and the costs and benefits of working with AWS Cloud environments.
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is intended for anyone who has basic knowledge of the AWS platform. Before taking this exam, we recommend you have:
Six months of exposure to the AWS Cloud
Basic understanding of IT services and their uses in the AWS Cloud platform
Knowledge of core AWS services and use cases, billing and pricing models, security concepts, and how cloud impacts your business

What Will I Learn?

  • In this course, you’ll learn: The foundations of cloud computing
  • The core AWS services, including compute, network, databases, and storage
  • Security best practices and compliance in the AWS Cloud
  • The cloud costs, economics, and billing practices of the AWS Cloud
  • By the end of this course, you’ll understand AWS services and how they are leveraged to build applications and provide products and services in the real world.


  • Cloud Practitioner Foundational

Chapter 1(Introduction)

  • Course Introduction
  • Exploring the Exam Blueprint
  • Navigating the Course
  • Course Updates

Chapter 2 (Foundations of Cloud Computing)

  • Understanding Cloud Computing
  • Exploring the Advantages of Cloud Computing
  • Reviewing Cloud Computing and Deployment Models
  • Leveraging the AWS Global Infrastructure
  • Exploring Your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Account
  • CCP QUIZ: Cloud Computing

Chapter 3 (Lessons Technology)

  • Section Introduction
  • Exploring Compute Services: EC2
  • Exploring Compute Services: EC2 in Action
  • Exploring Compute Services: Lambda
  • Creating a Lambda Function with the AWS Management Console
  • Hands-On Lab
  • Exploring Compute Services: Additional Compute Services
  • Leveraging Storage Services: S3
  • Leveraging Storage Services: S3 in Action
  • Leveraging Storage Services: Additional Storage Services
  • Understanding Content Delivery Services
  • Understanding Networking Services: VPC and Subcomponents
  • Launching EC2 Instances in a VPC Hands-On Lab
  • Understanding Networking Services: Additional Networking Services
  • Utilizing Databases
  • Exploring Migration and Transfer Services
  • Leveraging Analytics Services
  • Leveraging Machine Learning Services
  • Understanding Developer Tools
  • Exploring Deployment and Infrastructure Management Services
  • Create a DynamoDB Table Using CloudFormation
  • Hands-On Lab
  • Utilizing Messaging and Integration Services: SQS
  • Utilizing Messaging and Integration Services: SNS and SES
  • Exploring Auditing, Monitoring, and Logging Services
  • Exploring Additional Services
  • Section Review
  • CCP QUIZ: Foundational and Compute Services

Chapter 4 (Security and Compliance)

  • Section Introduction
  • Understanding the Shared Responsibility Model
  • Leveraging the Well-Architected Framework
  • Understanding IAM Users
  • Understanding IAM Permissions
  • Creating Users and Managing Permissions Using Groups and Policies in IAM
  • Hands-On Lab
  • Exploring Application Security Services
  • Exploring Additional Security Services
  • Utilizing Data Encryption and Secrets Management Services
  • Section Review
  • CCP QUIZ: Security Services

Chapter 5 (Pricing, Billing, and Governance)

  • Section Introduction
  • Understanding AWS Pricing
  • Understanding Billing Services
  • Exploring Governance Services
  • Utilizing Management Services
  • Exploring Support Plans
  • Section Review
  • CCP QUIZ: Storage, Content Delivery, and Networking Services
  • Quiz
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - Practice Exam

Chapter 6 (Conclusion)

  • Conclusion and What’s Next