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This course outline is focused on providing complete familiarity with Cyber Operations and its essential components.The security operations center team monitors the network for security advanced threats as well as classify and responds to those threats.The following well-arranged module teaches you step by step process to be a Cyber Ops Specialist. With every step, you will upgrade your knowledge accurately.
this CCNA Cybersecurity Operation Training course provides knowledge of network infrastructure devices, vulnerabilities of the TCP
IP protocol suite, operations, and security concepts.
This course also describes the common network application operations and attacks, network security technologies, and window and Linux operating systems.
There are no prerequisites for attending this course. However, it would be great if delegates have a basic knowledge of how to use OS and network.
This course is designed for those who wants to acquire skills in mitigating risk and is also beneficial for those who are preparing for the Cisco CCNA Cyber Ops certification exam.

What Will I Learn?

  • Networking Protocols and Networking Devices
  • Network Security Devices and Cloud Services
  • TCP
  • IP and Cryptography Concepts
  • Network Applications and Endpoint Security
  • Security Monitoring and Analysis
  • SOC Overview
  • Security Incident Investigations
  • SOC Operations


  • CCNA Cyber Ops

Module 1: Network Concepts

  • Networking Protocols and Networking Devices
  • Layer 2 Fundamentals and Technologies
  • Internet Protocol and Layer 3 Technologies
  • Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
  • Domain Control System (DNS)
  • Introduced IPv6
  • Transport Layer Technologies and Protocols
  • Network Security Devices and Cloud Services
  • Network Security System
  • Introduced Security Cloud-Based
  • Cisco NetFlow Overview
  • Data Loss Prevention

Module 2: TCP/IP and Cryptography Concepts

  • Understanding the TCP
  • IP Protocol Suite
  • Understanding the Network Infrastructure
  • Understanding Common TCP
  • IP Attacks
  • Understanding Basic Cryptography Concepts

Module 3: Network Applications and Endpoint Security

  • Describing Information Security Concepts
  • Understanding Network Applications
  • Understanding Common Network Application Attacks
  • Understanding Windows Operating System Basics
  • Understanding Linux Operating System Basics
  • Understanding Common Endpoint Attacks
  • Understanding Network Security Technologies
  • Understanding Endpoint Security Technologies

Module 4: Security Monitoring and Analysis

  • Describing Security Data Collection
  • Describing Security Event Analysis

Module 5: SOC Overview

  • Defining the Security Operations Center
  • Understanding NSM Tools and Data
  • Understanding Incident Analysis in a Threat-Centric SOC
  • Identifying Resources for Hunting Cyber Threats

Module 6: Security Incident Investigations

  • Understanding Event Correlation and Normalization
  • Identifying Common Attack Vectors
  • Identifying Malicious Activity
  • Identifying Patterns of Suspicious Behavior
  • Conducting Security Incident Investigations

Module 7: SOC Operations

  • Describing the SOC Playbook
  • Understanding the SOC Metrics
  • Understanding the SOC WMS and Automation
  • Describing the Incident Response Plan
  • Describing the Computer Security Incident Response Team
  • Understanding the Use of VERIS

Ahmed Abdul Hameed

CCNA,CCNA SEC.,CCNP, ITIL, MCSA,MCSE , CCAI, ECCS, CEH ,CHFI Senior Network and Telecom. Engineer – Cisco-Microsoft CompTIA -EC- Council Certified Academy instructor with 12 years of Experience of technical and managerial skills in one of the largest telecommunication companies in middle East Telecom Egypt ,also Certified instructor in the field of networks, security and management and Co founder & CEO of IT Gate Academy & IT Gate Corp.


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Ahmed Abdul Hameed

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