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  • Web Full Stack
  • Dart flutter
  • Software testing


This course was specially designed with the help of one of the oldest universities in the Middle East.
Ain Shams University represented by the Studies and Research Center as a kind of community contribution to help graduates and people who want to enter the field of developing and testing various types of software.
The aim of this course is to provide more than one job opportunity for the graduate in different disciplines by diversifying the weight of his academic and practical skills through designing and developing websites HTML ,CSS,BOOTSTRAP,JS,JQ,PHP AND SQL .
Also developing and designing mobile applications through Flutter and Dart as a cross platform as well as software testing techniques manual and automation . by the end of diploma Each graduate can choose one of these three majors or all of them through the skills he has acquired to find a suitable job opportunity in more than five fields


  • Certificate Of Attendance From IT-Gate Academy
  • Certificate From Ain Shams University (Optional)


  • Introduction To HTML

  • Preview

  • Your First Webpage - Files & Coding Challenge

  • The Structure Of A Webpage

  • Creating A Full Webpage

  • Header Tags

  • Paragraph Tags

  • Formatting Text

  • Unordered Lists

  • Ordered Lists

  • Images

  • Forms

  • Tables

  • Links

  • HTML Entities

  • IFrames

  • Putting It All Together

  • Setting Up Your Free Hosting

  • Setting Up FTP On Windows Further Reading - HTML

Introduction To CSS

  • What Is CSS?

  • Inline CSS

  • Internal CSS

  • Classes And IDs

  • Divs

  • Colors

  • Colors – Files

  • Floating

  • Positioning

  • Margins

  • Padding

  • Borders

  • Fonts

  • Styling Text

  • Aligning Text

  • Styling Links

  • External CSS


  • What Is JavaScript?

  • Internal JavaScript

  • Accessing Elements

  • Responding To A Click

  • Changing Website Content

  • Manipulating Styles With JavaScript

  • Variables

  • Arrays

  • If Statements

  • JavaScript Game - How Many Fingers

  • Loops

  • While Loops

  • Functions

  • JavaScript Project - Reaction Tester


  • What Is query?

  • Using query In Your Webpages

  • Detecting A Click

  • Changing Website Content

  • Changing Website Styles

  • Fading Content

  • Animating Content


  • Regular Expressions

  • Mini Project - Form Validation

  • Introducing jQuery UI

  • Draggables & Resizables

  • Droppables

  • Accordian & Sortables

  • jQuery Project - Code Player

  • Further Reading - jQuery


  • What Is Bootstrap?

  • Your First Bootstrap Site

  • The Grid System

  • Introducing Navbars

  • Forms & Tables

  • Bootstrap Components

  • Modals, Popovers & Tooltips

  • ScrollSpy

  • Project - App Landing Page

  • The Free Bootstrap Themes

  • Further Reading - Bootstrap


  • Introduction To PHP

  • Hello World With PHP

  • Variables

  • Arrays

  • If Statements

  • For And For Each Loops

  • While Loops

  • GET Variables

  • POST Variables

  • Sending An Email With PHP

  • Mini Project - A Contact Form

  • Getting Contents Of Other Scripts

  • Project - Weather Scraper

  • Json With PHP

  • API With PHP

  • Introduction To MySQL

  • Connecting To A Database

  • Retrieving Data From A Database

  • Inserting And Updating Data

  • Looping Through Data

  • Session Variables

  • Cookies

  • Cookies – Files

  • Storing Passwords Securely

  • A note about secure passwords - password hash

Dart - Getting Started

  • What's Flutter & Dart

  • Prepare environment

  • Data Types & Operator

  • Variables ( String, Int, Double, Var, List, Sets, Map )

Control Flow Statment

  • If & else

  • Switch, Case

  • For, For Each

  • Do & Do while


  • Functions

  • Positional & NonPositional Arguments

  • Classes

  • Constructor & Named constructor

  • Accesse Modifier & Scopes

  • Private & Public

  • Setter & Getter

  • Classes Methods

  • Inheritance

  • Multiple Inheritance

Flutter - First App

  • Our projects

  • Create new project

  • Flutter app architecture

  • Debug your app on emulator

  • Hot reload & hot restart


  • Whats widgets

  • Main.dart file

  • Stateless & Stateful Widgets

  • Material App

Dive deeper into widgets

  • Scaffold, AppBar, Text & Icon

  • Drawer

  • Work with assets image

  • Row, Column, Listile

  • Conatiner & Image

  • Listview, .builder

  • Reuse your widgets

  • MediaQuery

  • Bottom Navigation Bar

  • setState

  • Resue your widgets deeper

  • TabBar & TabBar View

  • Gridview, seprated

  • use widgets again

Navigations & Routing

  • Push, Pop

  • PushNamed & PushReplacment

Inputs , Buttons & Dialogs

  • Textfield & TextEditingController

  • Hide my password & responsive screen

  • Pop up menu button

  • TextFormField, validator & key

  • InkWell & Gesture Detector

  • Flat & Raised buttons

  • Alert Dialog

  • Modal Bottom Sheet

  • SnackBar

  • IconButton

  • Fab

  • Date time picker

Packages & Libraries

  • Shared Preferences

  • Splash Screen

  • Device camera

  • Launcher icon

Google Map

  • Google API

  • Google Map widget

  • Geolocation

  • Search on Google Map


  • Firebase

  • Integrate your app with firebase

  • Difference Between Realtime & Cloud Firestore

  • Google Authentication

  • Email Authentication

Amir Farouk(Course Web Full Stack)

Works as a teaching assistant at Al Alsun high institute from October 2016.
Works as instructor teaches Web developing and designing diploma at IT Gate Academy.
Works as an instructor teaches Web developing and designing diploma at YAT Learning centers.
Works as a Web developer free lancer and have many published websites.
Worked as a teaching assistant at the High institute for computers and management information systems for 2 years
Worked as an instructor teaches Web develop and design diploma at seven dash academy for 4 years.
Worked as a web developer at Domainato for a one year.
Worked as a web developer for Crystal Asfour at the department of research and development.

Basel Mohamed(Course Dart flutter)

Developer with 5 years of experience in mobile development and back-end development. I have hands-on experience efficiently coding websites and mobile applications using modern programming language, Python, Django, Dart, Flutter , PostgreSQL other using graphics tools, etc.

Mohamed Hussein(Course Software testing)

QC engineer with rich and vast experience in Manual, performance, security Testing, API, and Automation involving all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

Creating and manage the Company's Quality Standards; develop, implement, and maintain the Company's quality documentation, such as Test plan, quality procedures, reports, etc…
Build a QA team.
Applied technical knowledge and industry experience to related functions within the value stream, focusing on the accurate and efficient completion of all assigned jobs.
Identified process and systems improvements participated in teams.
Test in different environments including web and mobile & work on multiple projects.
Carry out functional and non-functional testing
Implement modern user experiences for company new products.
Contribute to estimation and scoping of projects.
Providing technical support to company clients.
Contribute to estimation and scoping of projects.
Worked on web automation using Selenium with java and mobile automation (Android and iOS) using Appium.
Team Player with good technical, analytical, communication skills, and friendly.
Quick Learner and adapt to the new tools and technologies and evaluate their test applicability.



Diploma Instructors

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    Amir Farouk


    (Course Web Full Stack)

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    Basel Mohamed


    (Course Dart flutter)

  • img

    Mohamed Hussein


    (Course Software testing)